Welcome to Civil Society Coalition on Transport in Uganda.

The civil society coalition on transport in Uganda [CISCOT] aims to contribute to an efficient, effective and safe transport system. It brings together organizations to harness the potential of civil society and to build a strong, collective voice to address the needs and concerns of citizens on transport issues. Civil society organizations [CSOs] in Uganda play a key role in various sectors from monitoring government programmes, to advocating for better alternatives, to solving problems.

Influence and Promote a transparent, accountable and well-governed transport sector

The Coalition will work to involve civil society in monitoring the transport sector. This will help ensure compliance with standards and safety measures in road budget management, procurement...

Enhance citizens' and stakeholders' awareness of, and participation in, the transport sector

Increased awareness among stakeholders and the wider public of transport issues, and of their right to participate in the processes, will empower them to demand and receive better transport sector services.

Build a strong, credible and sustainable coalition to influence the development of transport sector

Coalition building is a challenging task. This first three-year phase aims to establish the institutional basis needed to implement this and successive strategic plans, and to ensure the coalition's capacity...

Civil Society Coalition on Transport in Uganda [ CISCOT ]

Promoting transparent and accountable governance of the transport sector in Uganda

Prioritising Roads

Transport in Uganda includes, rail, water and air, but road is by far the dominant transport mode in the country, carrying over 95 pecent of passenger and freight traffic. Both the National Development Plan and Uganda Vision 2040 have prioritised road transport.

Despite substantial investment over the past decade, the ongoing increase in traffic significantly exceeeds the expansion of the road network. Maintenance is also inadequate, leading to deterioration of existing roads, and road safety is a serious and growing concern.

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